What we have to offer

From concept to distribution,
we will provide full service
solutions to your video needs.

Concept Development

Everything starts with a concept and the process of concept development begins with two questions: What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? What you want to say — information about your company, products, services or personnel — is the basis of your video. But there are a lot of ways to say it. Will company representatives guide the viewers through the video in a documentary style? Or will actors tell the story from a script?

Script Writing

Our writers will work with you to create the written script that best represents the story you want told. Starting with an outline of the needs of the video, the script can use dialogue, voice over, spokesperson-on-camera and more as ways to get the message across. For videos where a traditional script might not work, we can develop a framework of questions to ask a person on camera for a natural delivery in a comfortable manner. That way we still have a script to shoot from.


If you need actors, they are right here. Area talent agencies give you a lot of choice for professional casting with a depth of experience.


Big crew or small; at the office, shop or studio; one day or one week. Many productions need only a two-person crew but sometimes it makes sense to bring in the professionals: teleprompter, lighting, sound, wardrobe, make-up, props, animal wrangler, pyrotechnics and the rest. These are all the issues that we can have a clear picture of with a phone call.


Our all digital editing suite as well as specialized graphics and a comprehensive music library gives you a wide range of choices for your production.


Straight to web, traditional broadcast or as many copies of your DVD as you need: All the methods of distribution to reach your customers are available.

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